Satisfied Clients

Ellen McKay

“My husband and I would recommend Quantella anytime. Quantella is dependable, communicates well with her clients and she is honest. We enjoyed working with her very much.”

Ruth & Chad Howell

“Quantella went above and beyond. We highly recommend her. She works extremely hard for her clients.”

The Pond Family

“Quantella was an awesome realtor to work with. She helped us in every way possible. When things looked bad, she never gave up on us, and she was always encouraging and positive. She even gave a bible verse when it was needed. I trusted her to help my dream come true in owning my first home and there is no one else I would have rather had in my corner. Thank you Quantella!”

The Smith Family

“I’m glad I had a sweet friend to become my realtor….Quantella, from selling my home to buying my previous home, you were awesome when it came to keeping me informed. Very honest and loyal to me as your client. Keeping me happy and satisfied I felt was your first priority. Thank you sooo much!”

Layasha & Sirenity Cade

“Being a first time home buyer, I was very excited yet nervous. I thought to myself, I’m a single mother with less than perfect credit….why even try. By the grace of God, I was approved and had no idea what to do next. Quantella was more than just my realtor, she was also a friend. There was never a time I called and didn’t get an answer and that was greatly appreciated. Even after closing, she was still there to answer any little ridiculous questions that I had. Thanks, Quantella for a smooth ride and most importantly your help! We love you, Muah!

Vanessa Hailey​

“I know there’s a lot of realtors out here selling homes and that’s great but what happens when you’re not quite at that score to purchase a home? Or u hit roadblocks and they put you and your family on hold instead of fixing the problem? That’s Why I love my realtor Quantella Simmons- Kinard. My Personal experience with her, I had a roadblock at the beginning of our process where we couldn’t get water on my father’s land and not only did the builder back out, we had to find another lender. I was so scared she was going tell me, Vanessa, we just going to stop and will try again next year or two years down the line, but she never gave up on me. She found me another lender within days and we got approval.  Within three months we had another roadblock and when I tell you my realtor did not give up on me! Her and my new lender did everything that they could do to get me and my kids in the home that we are in today! Thank You So Much Quantella Simmons Kinard!”