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Work From Home

*Interval rate, class times, dates, and availability are subject to chance.

Please see Arise portal once you complete your enrollment for current availability. 

Tax Software 

Customer Service

$14 per hour

Cable Company

Customer Service

$12 per hour

Book Keeping

Customer Service

$14 per hour

Cruise Line

Customer Service

$9-$11.25 per hour

Roadside Assistance 

Customer Service

$10-$13 per hour


Marketplace Support

$14 per hour

Energy Company

Customer Service

$11.50 per hour

Home Improvement

Customer Service

$12.50 per hour

Sporting Goods 

Customer Service

$11 per hour

Vacation Membership Program Sales

$9 per hour

Cruise Line Customer Service and Sales

$10 per hour

Home Warranty Customer Service

$10.80 per hour

Income Opportunities
Are you 18 years of age or older?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
This position allows all agents the flexibility to set their own hours with a requirement of a minimum of 20 to 25 hours per week. Are you able to meet that requirement?
This position requires a client specific “certification course” to be completed. The fee to complete the course is billed directly to you and reimbursed once 25 hours have been worked.
You will be considered an independent contractor (1099) and billed $60 per pay period out of your total earned revenue to take care of the fees incurred associated with the ARISE platform. The ARISE platform usage fee is $39.50 per servicing agent, payroll fees, and back office fees. No other fees or taxes will be taken out of your payment.

*In order to fulfill the requirements of this position, you must have or be willing to get a PC laptop/desktop (Apple computers are only supported with certain opportunities), hard wired internet connection, a home phone line, noise canceling headset, and noise free area.